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We've combined our first-to-market online market place that allows customers to navigate from Brand site to Brand site, with Influencer and Peer-2-Peer social sharing. In a synergistic Shop, Share, and Earn model. We've added to this a key Consientious and Compassionate pay-it-forward self-directed "Auto-Donate" funcationality for each Brand Partner (from their sales), Influencer (from their commissions), and Customer (from their Cash Back). We make it easier for them to be Socially-Responsible.
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5 Min Intro to nualo
12 Min Intro to nualo's Brand Partner program

It's simple, once you have created your account with NUALO, please email using the email address you registerd with. We'll then create a Trello Board where we will collect information about your entity. Once we review your entities inititives and it's been approved we add your NPO to the list of causes people can opt-in to "Auto-Donate" between 0% and 10% of their sales, commissions, or cash back to your organization.

On each allocation to a Brand Partner, Influencer, or Customer we review their settings; if configured, we withdraw their stipulated alloted amount (if set between 1% and 10%) from their NUALO ewallet account and deposit it into your NUALO ewallet account.

Your balance will grow as people who select your entity as the one they want to pay-it-forward to then sell, share, or purchase products from our Brand Partners NUALO. Via your NUALO account you'll beable to view your NUALO ewallet at any time, and request a withdraw. Requests made prior to Wednesday at noon Mountian Time (Utah Time), will be processed each week. If you have the NULAO 365 App installed you will get notice of withdrawal approval. From there you will login to NULAO, click on the MassPay link, setup your bank account details (or other various methods), and MassPay will make the payment happen.
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